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Otakon 2008- JROCKER DRAMA part 2! - schwarze_stiegx [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Otakon 2008- JROCKER DRAMA part 2! [Aug. 11th, 2008|09:42 pm]
Ok so on Sunday, I wore a newly bought tank top from Algonquin (50% off yo!)...$31.50 xD (Tis the only other thing I bought besides the DaizyStripper towel and food), and my white wig, and the same sexy black pants and boots (if I didn't wear my wig..no one would recognize me xDDDD).
I stopped by Dealers Room in the morning around 10 to drop off Katrina's stuff..again. And we took pictures of the Rakuen Booth and the crew~ (They're on facebook)
I totally forgot how crazy JRock fans were and how early they started to line up. Katrina and I got to the hall at 10:45... about an hour and half before concert. We were already in the middle back sort of xDDDD... But oh well. I kept hopping around talking to Jaime and Katherine who were..in the more front lines xD; But I knew there were seats involved...cuz it's the Convention center..they're not going to allow moshing. Anyhow, we went in, and took our seats.

DaizyStripper was first. AND DANG...their intro music was oh so culturally intense xD They had a rock version of Sakura and it sounded so noice~~~~~ One by one they came out with their stage clothes and makeup with a colorful yukata type thing over it, BUT THEY THREW IT ALL TO THE CROWDS D:!!! -head desk- now I wish I was in the front ;_;. Anyhow, I was realllllllyyy impressed by their live o_O; (So..I was pretty much NOT a fangirl until the situation on Saturday...Because I did some research and their Live was asbiugfndsfrybagsigbkedgs @ hide summit...omlord i don't know how to describe). But somehow they got 10x better before Otakon o_o; Yea. We were impressed.. And the songs were catchy. They didn't play the purty slow songs, but eh.
Next was MarBell... So I knew some of the songs from them too (their myspace), and she sounds good live =o BUT OMG PROFANITY. SHE LIFTED UP HER SKIRT and showed the world her fishnet pantyhose and black thongs X-x Ugh.my eyes. And man, did she have a waist xD (She does not look Japanese at all..she doesn't even have a Japanese body....) She started to cry during 最果ての灯, sad. And aww, she needed a hug~ (Azusa gave her a girl hug, and then Tsunori gave an older broish hug..aw.)
After they were done, there was this loooonnnnggggg wait for the Underneath o-o; why, I don't know. Finally they came..
The Underneath was noiiceee ;D Well I did like all of their styles so I was enjoying all of them; BUT BUT OMG OMG..FAN SERIVCE... GGAAHHHHH .... Taka did the groin rub and then air hump guitar guy i forgot his name, and then went over to semi molest other guitar guy xX; (BUT but the guy was funny; his face went all O_______o!?;;;;;;;; ) xD Ok so right at the last song, in the middle, I told Katrina to see if there was a line for the autographs. Yep..finally a line. So I ran over. HAHAHA Katherine and Wena were first, but there were people in the Seats that were waiting the entire time so they got priority, then Katherine. After the Underneath was done,DaizyStripper were first seated and then MarBell. Tsunori whipped out a camera and I saw him ask for Katherine's picture xDD (Since she was the first one in line and just sitting next to him) ....was he the only one who brought a camera to take in the moments ...?
SO At the autograph line, Katherine went, and I told her to take my camera and take pictures/ record/ whatever. FUFUFU OK so I wasn't expecting this, but Tsunori was talking to me again for somewhile and...I wasn't taking it in =_=; But he told me to visit their official website and to E-Mail. Stupid me went "Ah, kinou ikimashita" (Ah, I went yesterday). OOPS. BUT OH WELL XD He told me to e-mail him....INTERESTING................
I decided to compliment Mar, because she did cry .-.;; and told her her voice was great. And then to Bassist Azusa, told her she was cool xD; And so on...
Now DaizyStripper~ Fufufu..yea I think I fangirled a bit too much. I was stuttering and didn't know how to formulate sentences anymore. I'm not going to put this vid on youtube...but it's on facebook. It was moving so fast X_x;!!! Kazami was first, then Nao. He made this really weird face at me xD; And then was talking like a kid xD;;... Weird chick of the band...; I still think hes pretty manly for a chick of the band xDDD YUGIRI next. Ugh so fast... He signed while Nao was signing cuz Nao's left handed, so he could sign while Nao signed. Anyhow, after he signed and took my hand again and asked "=D Did you enjoy??!??!" Me: *STUTTER* hai! Sugoi! motto..sugoi! (That doesn't make sense wtf X_X) and then i went "Subarashii!" Boy did Yugiri laugh -_-;;; oh, and then he let go oh my hand xD; Mayu thanked,and then finally Rei. Rei noticed my wig again and pointed to it. We posed at the end =o (Because he's the last person and at the corner; ) But hahahaa he looks so different from his usual out of makeup look.
Anyhow, Katherine, Wena, and I stayed for a bit to attempt to get pictures...but they were getting anal and started to kick us out. SOOO We ran up to the main level, and Took the elevator. We hesitated...but then we decided to step in beccause little kids were playing with the elevator. THEY WENT DOWN...and do you know where DOWN went O_O? RIGHT next to the signing table X_X. I flipped out cuz 1. it was pretty dangerous..I didn't want to get pulled to like..the police xD; and 2. It's embarrassing to look like a mad stalker fangirl.. The kids decided to wave HIIII!!! xD omlordy... what a fright. We headed back up again...but then decided to go back down again... UNFORTUNATELY (pft), two Otakon staff members came onto the elevator and said "Uh, I think you guys need level 200..." Us; "No, we want 100" Guys: No... you don't
Katherine: "can we please just see DaizyStripper?" Guys:"..no." So we got off xD;..but ran down to the level xDDDD BUT THEY WERE GONE O_O!!! So we ran bacck up attempting to figure out where they go...Their hotel? Van? WHERE XD? ok so that was a tad bit too stalkerish. ANYHOW, that was SUNDAY!
I was not doing so well at Badminton later that night xD; Way too much hype and excitement from the morning/afternoon.
OH! So, I did go on MarBell's official website..and there was an E-mail button.. Clicked it... and sent an E-mail. It was a weird address, so i put ATTN: Takanori san xDDD. Basically just saying Hi, do you remember me? Yadiya. It was my first time hearing MarBell and I like your songs. Thanks for coming to Otakon. etc.
AND GUESS WHAT...this morning i got an email back from him O_o;; he sent it at 1:56 am....wow....... what a quick and unexpected reply X_X; Tis interesting...interesting indeed.

So that's my JRocker drama ;D! I would've never imagined this happening ever =_=;;; But it's cool ;D!!