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Another kpop band... [Aug. 19th, 2008|06:16 pm]
They keep popping up D:!! SMASH debuted on 08-14-08....... bajesus.

Uh, can't find much info on them..or their ages xD; But they're supposedly 'really talented' and can also compose and make lyrics;
I'm not going to judge so quickly. So give them a few months/years and we'll see what pops up next. DUDE SHINEE doesn't even have anything new yet o_o
MV Emergency:

(Whoa whoa..they get on the ground xDDD)

-dies xDDD-
Guys doing Tell Me by Wonder Girls...and..them..singing xD;;;
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Lost Panties! [Aug. 12th, 2008|09:07 am]
O_O I totally forgot to add this in the previous post..I was too hyped up from the Jrocker drama xD; OK so as the below post says, I was Bakery maid Chi on Friday with Panties on my head. They were bobby pinned to my wig... Anyhow, so when I went to go get dinner for Kei, I was coming back and a gust of wind was blowing X_X! I held onto my panties and ears cuz they both felt very light. Once it passed, I released my hand, BUT a second gust of wind came, and I just held onto the ears. However, when I went to pat my head/panties..THEY WEREN'T THERE O_O!!!!!! THEY WERE GONE. MISSING PANTIES!!! So I basically did this to Katrina, "O_____O; HOLY CRAP KATRINA...MY PANTIES ARE GONE."
So the panties were lost in the streets of good ol' dusty Baltimore....xD;;

SATURDAY NIGHT, when we were heading out to get dinner, Katrina looks down and goes, "...Your..underwear..". I look down and go "o-o;......O_O;;;; OMG MY UNDERWEAR" and they indeed were my underwear....and... it had a clump of hair tangled on it..and.. it was dirty..........^-^;;;;;; So...I found my lost panties....the next day on the road back to the place where I think I lost it.
...How no one shouted out "You dropped your underwear!" I don't know...but yes.. I did loose the panties, and then I found it the next day xD
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Otakon 2008- JROCKER DRAMA part 2! [Aug. 11th, 2008|09:42 pm]
Ok so on Sunday, I wore a newly bought tank top from Algonquin (50% off yo!)...$31.50 xD (Tis the only other thing I bought besides the DaizyStripper towel and food), and my white wig, and the same sexy black pants and boots (if I didn't wear my wig..no one would recognize me xDDDD).
I stopped by Dealers Room in the morning around 10 to drop off Katrina's stuff..again. And we took pictures of the Rakuen Booth and the crew~ (They're on facebook)
I totally forgot how crazy JRock fans were and how early they started to line up. Katrina and I got to the hall at 10:45... about an hour and half before concert. We were already in the middle back sort of xDDDD... But oh well. I kept hopping around talking to Jaime and Katherine who were..in the more front lines xD; But I knew there were seats involved...cuz it's the Convention center..they're not going to allow moshing. Anyhow, we went in, and took our seats.
AND to the concert!!Collapse )
So that's my JRocker drama ;D! I would've never imagined this happening ever =_=;;; But it's cool ;D!!
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Otakon 2008! JROCKER DRAMA XO!!! [Aug. 11th, 2008|06:43 pm]
WOW...Otakon was WOW... Seriously.
Thursday morning my dad dropped me off at Katrina's house because I needed to get to Pre-Reg some how... and they wouldn't be able to take me Friday because they needed to go to PA to pick up my sister from CTY. ANYHOW. When I got to Katrina's house, I had 4 bags xD... 1 bag for fabric and materials, 1 for Kei, 1 for my chi costume and Allen costume (not yet done), and toiletries. RIGHT away, I asked to borrow needle and thread...and sewing machine xD; Yea I needed my Allen costume to be DONE -_-! So...recruiting Katrina as always...we sewed for a while ;D
Next we went to Lunch..in..OMFrilly gosh..Lolita clothes.. at the Mall....Some big ol' bald guy was like "WHOA... She looks like she from that show..that 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show'!! WOW. And you look like this girl in this book I'm reading" .............Sketchy. ;A;.......
Finally got to Otakon..and boy..was it hot. We sat on the stairs, but then they kicked us off o_o; We played cards for a while..but slapping concrete isn't very fun xD; Finally Kei called to get me in =_=; I was on the other side of the entire convention X______x; So we set up the Rakuen booth for a while. Around... 4:50 ish Katrina called to tell me the line was moving. Running back...by myself in good ol' maid clothes down baltimore (not cool), was quite thrilling. So I got my badge from Kei, and now Katrina and her family needed to get their badge. WHILE In this badge line, some guy asks to take my picture. So I go, okay. BUT ..not just the front..but ALSO the BACK O_o... Wtf? "Can I also take a picture of you from your backside?" <--- WTF, mate? Well I ..sorta did, ish. BUT WTF >>? Then off to dinner... I forgot what I got or where we went... Pizza I think o_O? Anyhow, so we went back to Katrina's house and I was hand sewing again my Allen costume xD. We also were watching the season finale of Hopkins ;D~ Then RIGHT TO BED X_x around..11:30...Tomorrow = Big opening day....

Friday was first opening day of Otakon. I cosplayed as Chi from Chobits...except this time... I was Bakery maid Chi with PANTIES on my head xD (Mainly to hide damaged wig section and to attract attention =p...which I did) I helped out at Rakuen and it was fun~ Despite the fact that I broke a zipper D:, it was still very fun. =_= Food matters at Otakon are always problematic.. Well I think I skipped lunch, and the lines at Harbor place are SO HORRENDOUSLY long; Poor Kei had to wait and starve for a few more hours to get dinner ._.; Mucho sorry!
Right after dinner went straight back home to Katrina's house. I NEEDED TO FINISH ALLEN COSTUME D:!!!! I stayed up till 12:20 ish to finish.. DAMN it was a good costume. Very UNCOMFORTABLE, and immobile, but it was good ;D

SATURDAY I was Allen Walker in Crown Clown suit, but very early in the beginning when he is still in China, so he has bandages over his chest. The problem with that for me was I couldn't breathe properly xDDD So we had to redo the wrapping a lot of times. After a while I realized that it kept SLIPPING O_O;;; So I kept tugging... and it was making me feel kinda insecure.... Well I couldn't help out at Rakuen very much on Saturday at all D: My hands were clawed and gloved..and couldn't walk without assistance X_x;
We planned to go to the Yamaguchi Kappei panel, because right after that was the JRock Bands panel with all the band members! The bands were DaizyStripper, MarBell, and the Underneath.
Yamaguchi Kappei's panel seemed so much shorter than Seki Tomokazu's last year for somehow o-O; Well he was still funny like Seki, but they kept referring to One Piece and L =_=;; Sadly, no one man yaoi scene with him xDDDD No one asked, but he did do Ryuichi's voice at a point. Other than that, he was just interesting to watch. We go in the front of the line too ;D SOOOO We could get front middle seats for the next panel xDD
OKOK soo...WELCOME the Japanese bands ;D I took a video clip of their introductions:

...I'm separating Sunday..this post seems a tad bit too long xDDD NEXT POST in the next entry xD;
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MIOOOOOLLL XOO!! [Jul. 5th, 2008|11:22 pm]
..................facebook better be telling the truth ...
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procrastinating..while freaking out [Jul. 1st, 2008|05:21 pm]
Dude dude....... Otakon...in a MONTH. A MONTH O_O; Thank god I'm reviving my Chi cosplay, but OMG.
Problem: So once I went to London, I stopped wearing contacts, because it was really windy and it's ALWAYS painful when I have my contacts in (They're the hard ones. I'm really blind).
So in order to get soft contacts, I have to not wear my hard contacts for at least a week.Well, I'm home, and it's been..2 weeks. SOOOO My dad makes my appoint, but what date is it on? JULY FREAKIN 22nd O_O! And prescriptions normally come in a week- 2 weeks after that... HM..that means I'd be getting contacts around... August 7th? 8th?
....OTAKON = AUGUST 7th and 8th YO! And even if i get my contacts, I'd be wearing my HARD CONTACTS for the convention, which means after that is another 1-2 weeks of NOT wearing contacts >>!!!! (The eyeball shape is different if you wear hard/soft)
I hate being close to blind =_=

Problem 2: I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE and go on a cosplay hunt.
costumes i'm planning to do: Chi, and Allen Walker Crown Clown ver.
1. Sports bandages, and i need to figure out how to be comfortable and make it
stay...-has back up somewhat...- Anyone else have any ideas to flatten boobage xD? (Even though Allen has the oh-so-typical underarmor thing, I refuse to wear it..again..for the 3rd cosplay in a row....So that's why I'm back tracking it up to...episode 65ish.)

2. ...claws...Allen's claws.................... DAMMIT =_=!!! what to make it out of
X_X? I was going to go for paper mache ._.; HELP x_x! -frustration- And stupid thing has...ring all over it. At first I was going to make the claws detachable, but then I thought i should keep it connected to the glove, and then make the Glove detachable because theres the... Crown wrist band thing that connects it to the black sleeve. Oh
....the wrist gauntlet... what is that made out of X_X? I was going for...PLEATHER =_=;/ any suggestions?

3. Mask...gotta go buy one and then cut up... BUT The mask has layers/ design on it. NOW WHAT Do i use X________X?! -head desk- If I had more plastic...that might be helpful;

4. The fluffy part..should that be made out of fur or feather o_O;?
For sure, I know that I'm making the Crown Clown part (both arms and fluffy and mask) together, and then the white cloak part detachable too;

5. AUFGABDF THE WIG X_X SO he has spikyish hair now X_X; NOW WHAT!? My wig doesn't do that D: ....well it would..if i go get some pomade and nasty stuff >> but it doesn't have enough hair/ will show the cap o___o NOW WHAT NOW WHAT @_@?!?!?!?!

-mutter mutter..mutter..-

i'll write a london/paris report......soon X__________x; -head desk-

*~*~*~ EDIT *~*~*~
;D I made one claw, well the backbone of it. Now just need to figure out how to make it smooth....;
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cleaning out my drawer of junk... [Jun. 2nd, 2008|12:53 pm]
Ok..this is..looking impossible because whatever i want to keep, broken violin strings, old photo canisters that i ripped open in Photo I, to badges, to beads, to old ancient coins, it's all shoved in my drawer.

BUT I did decide to take out all of the highschool stuff and shove it in a shoe box of some sort. Actually...i might want to make that a nice box, but i don't have it yet.

More picsCollapse )
Ohooo i have Allll (or maybe a good majority) of my highschool notes

OHOOO...amusement. Here's my highschool ID's throughout the years. (Boy..take a look at my passports after that >>;;; -cough- no wonder the customs guy in Japan had to ask me to take off my hat and stared at me for a good 3 minutes; )
and might i say, that i still don't look like any of my ID's...
if you want to see....Collapse )
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London london london... [May. 26th, 2008|06:05 pm]
=____=;;; My mom's becoming paranoid over our London trip... Oh, yea I shall be going to London for a week (June 15th week)...and being a very big intense TOURIST -_-; -mutter mutter- if only I had model friends..-sigh-

Question for Londoners:
- is it easier to ride the tube or bus? Oyster card o_O? (My parents are throwing me random questions and I just..don't know -_-!)

.....................my brain/head freaking hurts. >_>
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done with highschool..forever [May. 18th, 2008|05:06 pm]
I AM SO DONE. I'm done O_O! I'm done xO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last week of senior year was oh so very stressful...
I had AP testing on monday, then papers due and projects due. After i got those out of the way, i had to write letters to other seniors (Not every one..) but just like..a memento of the past 4 years etc. THAT took freaking forever, and my hands hurt like crap...

well I finished those, and on friday, we had our senior farewell liturgy which i was falling asleep to as always. (We were standing up to sing, and i was swaying back and forth xD); FINALLY, the seniors, we, watashitachi, ran down to the pool deck...and JUMPED IN with our gym tunics and all on~~~ Twas so fun!!!! Pool was warm thank goodness, and praise the class who donated the heaters =_=. I'd always get sick a day after my swim class.

For the past two days, i havent been waking up till around noon xD.

I started brainstorming what i wanted to cos for otakon! I decided to revive my Chii cosplay cuz it'd be such a waste..and Because i screwed up the bangs the first time, i'm adding Underwear to my head to disguise them xD. I'm also thinking about updating Allen Walker...apparently he has both hands now and ...lots of white feathers aruond him xDD

ok..im back to watching d.gray man. I need to catch up my ...'no-life' life xD

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Retreat + bday [Apr. 8th, 2008|08:54 pm]
dun dun dun...senior retreat is on my birthday. That's not bad i don't think =o It means, no homework for a night and ..camping out =D That shall suffice. I don't think i'll be doing anything special cuz this month is just so hectic X_x; can't wait can't wait~!!!
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