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Driving + Prom ;D [Mar. 26th, 2008|10:01 pm]
Wow so I've been driving a lot lately, and yea..i definitely think that I can drive anyone confidently except my mom in awake mode. The right passengers = makes life so much more enjoyable xD; Yea uh... despite the fact that I could've gotten my license, I think I'm going to hold it off later. (I have till july before permit expires~)

OHhhooooo SO For this entire spring break week (Good Friday - Easter Sunday), I've been this MAJOR socialite (As Katherine would like to call me xD)

Good Friday- We had Good Friday service which me and other girls danced to for Body Worship, and that was cool. After that, Xuan (My Prom date) and Mike (........my WHITE DANCE date O_o -see alter-) , and all the other YG guys decided to "hang out" at a restaurant/ eat. So, we all went to TGI Fridays. HA, Fridays cards people after 9 apparently. (Yay for YG leaders being 24;...) So we ate and talked a bit. Twas pretty tiring and sad because I had to table hop due to the separated tables because we would've had to wait for an hour for a table of 9. Poor Mike and Xuan were getting lectured about their future by Dan. I love you Dan, but...let the poor kids eat x_X;
I didn't home till 11:45 :D........

Easter Sunday-
After Easter Sunday service.............they decided to hang out again. (This time would be Xuan, Mike, me, Jenny, and my sister, and Esther)
HOWEVER, they wanted to go eat at a fast food restaurant, but I said no (go me), because my sister wanted to go eat Sushi and I promised her one way or another that we'd go eat Sushi. So showing my good Big sister side and loyalty to my sister, I won them over and we all went to go Sushi ;D
So we jumped into Xuan's and Mikes car and went.
When we got there....said Hi to Sou (waiter at Hikari that kei and I've gotten familiar with), and then gave a meek smile as he saw the large crowd of 6 behind me. POOR SOU D: he had to take care of all of us...and we were quite rowdy and..loud. We even went to the point that Jenny was dared by Xuan and my sister to eat a thrid of a clump of WASABI O_______o;;; It didn't look like it had a massive effect on her...but pretty bad for the stomach I'm sure xD Then the discussion about Prom popped up and they threw me the question who i was taking...so i pointed next to me xD; And Jenny was all "O_O!? DID NOT KNOW THIS.........." So I just nodded. Mike kinda got a little depressed-ish and went "Not me -_-..?" (WHICH is why to make up for that I'm taking him to White Dance to make up for it. Dont care if white dance is a sisterly bonding dance >>; )
BUT THEN, Jenny tells us all that Pedram asked her to prom but she rejected him. All of us went "OAO!?!? WTF?!" and kinda just threw it at her...x.o; bad idea i think..but she's cool.

So after Sushi, they all decided to go to MY HOUSE O_______O;;; This time I went with Xuan. ESTHER decides to throw the question out to Xuan ...
Esther:"Are you taking her to YOUR prom to?"
Me: ".........."
Xuan: "Uh, well you see.. I asked another girl but was rejected. Jess you know Grace?"
Me:"Mhmm..." (I know every chinese person basically that goes to Dulaney -_-; )
Xuan: So I got rejected by her...So these two girls go and tell this other girl that I'm taking her without me even asking yet.. Uh, Jess, you know Christine?
Me: Yea
Xuan: Ok, you know Jia and (Someone else i forgot)'s personality! They went and asked her..
Me: ahhh yea yea I understand. (Which i do -_-; you can't get out of their wrath..)
so that was the car ride home...Awkward.
SO..drove to my house, dropped stuff off, and then went across to play TENNIS. (Are we asian or what @_@;?) We invited James over since Xuan wanted a good opponent/someone to play with. Aish, that took about 3 hours =_=;
After tennis, they decided to chill at my house. GREAT xD; When we got there, Xuan and James went for the ping pong table...like dedicated racket sport players;;
Oh, and I lost big Esther's ring there ._.; I don't know how! It was in my pocket, then I put it down, and then it disappeared! It probably fell out...x.x.. SO I ran back to the tennis court to find it...Walked all around and searched, but couldn't find it! I then came back home and Jenny and Mike went to help me look for it. No luck.
I just gave up and really started to hate RINGS after that >_> I don't want to take anymore jewelry responsibilities.
So after everyone left, I apparently got Jenny and Mike lost D:......... but they got their way out when they reached Esther's sort of area...
After dinner, we went to Church again to dance our last Body worship dance THANK GOD.
SO that was my weekend. I hope everyone had a nice Easter =D

ON MONDAY................ hoo...
James randomly leaves a wall post asking to hang out again o_O; And I just disregard it, but he then IM's me asking if he could come over to play ping pong o_o; WTF >>? So i answer him "....sure......i don't care.."
Later on, he calls me and asks if Pattern could come over as well. Me: "O-o;;;;;;; Sure.........?"
I did NOT want to play ping pong ~_~;.... Ugh. More awkward turtle there -_-; So they came over..I tried to get away with it by washing dishes and cleaning the entire house. Ugh.......ugh -___-;

Now Monday night..I get a message from Pedram and HAHA guess what he asks? "Hey I wanted to talk to you but I couldn't go to the Good Friday service. Family Emergency. But I was wondering, would you like to go to prom with me? As friends"
(Yea...i hardly know this guy that well....)
but then i was thinking "......he got rejected by Jenny already...it'd be really sad if he got another one." AND, THIS IS DULANEY PROM ;DDDDD I get to see all my friends at PROM for once and they don't even know I'm going ;D.......MWUAHHAHAHAHAHAH.Ok yes I'm bad xD. But hey, these are people who I grow up with, and to finally be in the same place as them all at once, I want to be there xO! How i'm connected with almost everyone in Dulaney, I don't know. But hey, I said yes and I am totally going despite my evil reasons ;D. And Pedram's a nice guy, so it's cool =p.

,..........I'm done xD;
Oh. might i say I havent done anything productive this week at all? Not good. I've been watching Snow Queen with Hyun Bin and..Sung Yuri? Don't remember her name, but ;A; BAWLING. It definitely shows more of a guy's aspect~~~~
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I am ho shit pissed.... [Mar. 24th, 2008|04:14 pm]
Seriously...just stop. This one is REALLY REALLY REALLY stupid.
Don’t just ask your Gaia friend whether or not she/he has a sibling...and whether or not that sibling has a Myspace, and then just TAKE their picture and make it your own.
I’m really mad at my sister too o_o. WHO THE FUCK friends someone who took your own sibling’s picture o_O!? Yea my sister is very screwed.

HELLO. That’s my freaking BACKGROUND too O_o.....

I seriously have the urge to throw some charges and a book of legislations....

WTF? "My picture, My signature, NO FAKERS?"
I’m sorry? THATS MY FACE.

What what what? Um..your user name says clearly you are ....xX-Yuki sggshfdg i don’t even know what it is... YUKI SASAKI? WTF? You’re Japanese....um...from Hokkaido? SO...why don’t you speak some JAPONESE eh?

AMBIGUOUNESS? What about the usage of Ambiguity??? Heil Grammar to you too..
This girl is so screwed up...she took my sister’s Username "Zenon" as an "Alias" and YUKA O-o........

someone with Gaia please just fuck her good -_-.

the url: http://www.gaiaonline.com/p/12271783

here's what it looks like now
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...wow. [Mar. 3rd, 2008|10:55 am]
So I was about to print out my math stuff, and realized that my printer didn't have paper in it. I reloaded the printer, and what comes out first is Not my math work...but the LAST PAGE/ My CONCLUDING paragraph to my Shakespeare essay due last week XD;...........WOW. So...this must mean that I handed in my paper without a concluding paragraph. Great~...

Gym meet's finally done X_x;.... Hello badminton season =_=;
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2nd School Closing of the year~ (And Kat-Tun/Kame gone..visual O_o!) [Feb. 22nd, 2008|02:52 pm]

....is that just...Wow/hot..or what ;D? Especially Kame. He's going more visual o___o; But that's all cool with me :D.

I took the initiative to shovel my snow/ice covered driveway =D. I feel accomplished. Now, just gotta get two days of math homework done..and...english essay -_-; But that can wait :D
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first closed snow day of the year [Feb. 13th, 2008|07:05 pm]
OMG X_X; Today's the FIRST SCHOOL CLOSING OF THE FREAKING YEAR X______________X! I woke up at 6, checked the internet to see if we had school, and it said 2 hours off. Then I woke up at 8 again, went down to eat breakfast, and turned on the tv. SUDDENLY, i see one word underneath....ONE WORD. CLOSED. WTH?! They changed it right before I was about to STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE and GO TO SCHOOL XD; Anyhow, so we got a day off, and i studied some bit, and then thought about doing art homework, but it wasn't going to work out because...it's freezing and rainy, and cloudy, bad lighting in all. But...i did do this ;D

;D.....uh huh.. that's right, bitchzzzz
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sdhjfhasgs optimizewth where =_=; [Feb. 1st, 2008|10:22 pm]
=___________________= so i was making a gif. and apparently the save process is NOT one click. In fact, theres 3 long sentences of directions that tell you how to >_>; -had to freaking read the Help page X_____________________X; - UGH.

first animate icon =o (Suju...)
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Immaturity? [Feb. 1st, 2008|10:00 am]
Wow um, so lately I've been noticing a whole truck load of immaturity everywhere I go nowadays. It's incredible. I mean, seriously.. you think they'd have some brains or common sense, but no. Man, even I of all people is getting extremely irked, vexed, very annoyed o_O;! It leaves a VERY BAD mark on your image. So please, stop being so freaking immature to the point that it's just absolute rudeness >_>. You can be immature in a joking way, say like a child-mannered persona, but LEARN SOME FREAKING MANNERS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT.

Yea, I think I'm done.

Oh. I'm also encountering things beyond sketchy >_>. Please, no more videos of you singing to me. I only met you once, kid. Just..no.

I think I've fallen in love again ...........................

..with my violin -shot xD-
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picchas [Jan. 25th, 2008|06:45 pm]
I woke up at 12 today o________o; Thank god for day offs X_x;/ me not having any exams today ;D! New semester begins on Monday, and this weekend, i am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. FREE.
So yesterday I didn't have enough time to take pictures because...dad came home a bit too soon xD; So today :D....

A few have really bad quality because I was stupid and did not realize that I was standing in the wrong angle with the sun..
I did have a few red braids in, but then gave up using them at the end pictures -_-;;

+++Collapse )
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fawk yea. [Jan. 24th, 2008|05:27 pm]
I am finally done with my high school exams. EVER XO! FOR EVER! There's just the AP exams left, but FAWK YEA. I'M DONE FOO XO!

this didn't last very long...my dad came home a tad bit too early -_-;
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-is screwed.- [Jan. 22nd, 2008|11:10 pm]
I am so screwed =_=; There's 13 chapters of bio...and i'm on 7. I need much more studying on the last few chapters because those are the ones that caused my grade to plummet X_x (Photosynthesis.../genetics ._.; ) How? I DON'T KNOW X_X! But I'm really not a plant person. ugh.

I haven't started Calc yet..and Calc's my weakest of all weaknesses.... yea. I'm screwed fo sho.

-go mopes in a dark corner- i wish i was a genius x_x; it's just taking me forever to soak up this much info >
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