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Lost Panties! [Aug. 12th, 2008|09:07 am]
O_O I totally forgot to add this in the previous post..I was too hyped up from the Jrocker drama xD; OK so as the below post says, I was Bakery maid Chi on Friday with Panties on my head. They were bobby pinned to my wig... Anyhow, so when I went to go get dinner for Kei, I was coming back and a gust of wind was blowing X_X! I held onto my panties and ears cuz they both felt very light. Once it passed, I released my hand, BUT a second gust of wind came, and I just held onto the ears. However, when I went to pat my head/panties..THEY WEREN'T THERE O_O!!!!!! THEY WERE GONE. MISSING PANTIES!!! So I basically did this to Katrina, "O_____O; HOLY CRAP KATRINA...MY PANTIES ARE GONE."
So the panties were lost in the streets of good ol' dusty Baltimore....xD;;

SATURDAY NIGHT, when we were heading out to get dinner, Katrina looks down and goes, "...Your..underwear..". I look down and go "o-o;......O_O;;;; OMG MY UNDERWEAR" and they indeed were my underwear....and... it had a clump of hair tangled on it..and.. it was dirty..........^-^;;;;;; So...I found my lost panties....the next day on the road back to the place where I think I lost it.
...How no one shouted out "You dropped your underwear!" I don't know...but yes.. I did loose the panties, and then I found it the next day xD