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Otakon 2008! JROCKER DRAMA XO!!! - schwarze_stiegx [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Otakon 2008! JROCKER DRAMA XO!!! [Aug. 11th, 2008|06:43 pm]
WOW...Otakon was WOW... Seriously.
Thursday morning my dad dropped me off at Katrina's house because I needed to get to Pre-Reg some how... and they wouldn't be able to take me Friday because they needed to go to PA to pick up my sister from CTY. ANYHOW. When I got to Katrina's house, I had 4 bags xD... 1 bag for fabric and materials, 1 for Kei, 1 for my chi costume and Allen costume (not yet done), and toiletries. RIGHT away, I asked to borrow needle and thread...and sewing machine xD; Yea I needed my Allen costume to be DONE -_-! So...recruiting Katrina as always...we sewed for a while ;D
Next we went to Lunch..in..OMFrilly gosh..Lolita clothes.. at the Mall....Some big ol' bald guy was like "WHOA... She looks like she from that show..that 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show'!! WOW. And you look like this girl in this book I'm reading" .............Sketchy. ;A;.......
Finally got to Otakon..and boy..was it hot. We sat on the stairs, but then they kicked us off o_o; We played cards for a while..but slapping concrete isn't very fun xD; Finally Kei called to get me in =_=; I was on the other side of the entire convention X______x; So we set up the Rakuen booth for a while. Around... 4:50 ish Katrina called to tell me the line was moving. Running back...by myself in good ol' maid clothes down baltimore (not cool), was quite thrilling. So I got my badge from Kei, and now Katrina and her family needed to get their badge. WHILE In this badge line, some guy asks to take my picture. So I go, okay. BUT ..not just the front..but ALSO the BACK O_o... Wtf? "Can I also take a picture of you from your backside?" <--- WTF, mate? Well I ..sorta did, ish. BUT WTF >>? Then off to dinner... I forgot what I got or where we went... Pizza I think o_O? Anyhow, so we went back to Katrina's house and I was hand sewing again my Allen costume xD. We also were watching the season finale of Hopkins ;D~ Then RIGHT TO BED X_x around..11:30...Tomorrow = Big opening day....

Friday was first opening day of Otakon. I cosplayed as Chi from Chobits...except this time... I was Bakery maid Chi with PANTIES on my head xD (Mainly to hide damaged wig section and to attract attention =p...which I did) I helped out at Rakuen and it was fun~ Despite the fact that I broke a zipper D:, it was still very fun. =_= Food matters at Otakon are always problematic.. Well I think I skipped lunch, and the lines at Harbor place are SO HORRENDOUSLY long; Poor Kei had to wait and starve for a few more hours to get dinner ._.; Mucho sorry!
Right after dinner went straight back home to Katrina's house. I NEEDED TO FINISH ALLEN COSTUME D:!!!! I stayed up till 12:20 ish to finish.. DAMN it was a good costume. Very UNCOMFORTABLE, and immobile, but it was good ;D

SATURDAY I was Allen Walker in Crown Clown suit, but very early in the beginning when he is still in China, so he has bandages over his chest. The problem with that for me was I couldn't breathe properly xDDD So we had to redo the wrapping a lot of times. After a while I realized that it kept SLIPPING O_O;;; So I kept tugging... and it was making me feel kinda insecure.... Well I couldn't help out at Rakuen very much on Saturday at all D: My hands were clawed and gloved..and couldn't walk without assistance X_x;
We planned to go to the Yamaguchi Kappei panel, because right after that was the JRock Bands panel with all the band members! The bands were DaizyStripper, MarBell, and the Underneath.
Yamaguchi Kappei's panel seemed so much shorter than Seki Tomokazu's last year for somehow o-O; Well he was still funny like Seki, but they kept referring to One Piece and L =_=;; Sadly, no one man yaoi scene with him xDDDD No one asked, but he did do Ryuichi's voice at a point. Other than that, he was just interesting to watch. We go in the front of the line too ;D SOOOO We could get front middle seats for the next panel xDD
OKOK soo...WELCOME the Japanese bands ;D I took a video clip of their introductions:

Ok so.. during this panel, the lady on the left was first asking them simple questions such as What made them a group, what type of music they played, what were their hobbies, etc. After 20 to 30 minutes of the panel, I realized something... And when I looked at DaizyStripper, the Vocalist Yugiri was staring at me. EVEN though he has shades on, they were definitely staring at me o_o; Yes he did look around that area, but there were MANY times when we made eye contact and he held it ...while I kept looking away and talking to Katrina how freaky that was and making sure if he's looking at me/our direction..
After a few Promo videos, there was a fan question released. First thing: "What is your type of girl?" ....somehow...I only remember DaizyStripper's answers o_O; Correct me if I'm wrong..Kazami (dr) said a girl who has a nice smile (aw~). When Yugiri (vo) answered, he said "An American who dresses up like a stripper...." WHILE LOOKING AT ME... YES I was in strips of bandages and oh so sexy pants and fur (;D) , but LOOKING LIKE A STRIPPER D:!?!?!?? My eyes kinda went "O____O!?" and kinda turned to Katrina and went "adbginjmsugfd!?!? X_x?! -points to strips of bandaged and skin??- ....
anyhow... continuing with the Panel. After MarBell's promo video, they said that we could line up in a line and ask our question. Since I was up at the front and at the end of the row, I was first. I took a few seconds to see if anyone was going to run up like a mad fangirl, but no one was moving o_o; So I ...slowly...got out of my seat and just..stood there first xD; and here was my question... and thank you Katrina for recording :D I got this from Tainted Reality's question to Mucc 2 years ago and thought its a great comic relief question ;D

QUESTION: Boxers, briefs, or go commando =o?
RESULT: everyone goes "commando" ...so they say xD. And YUGIRI..honest that he is, stands up and says "Boxers =D!" and Lifts up his shirt and shows the Boxer elastic xDDD
After that...the Panel got REALLY.....REALLY...PERVERTED....and guess who started it? ...MAR...Yes the GIRL...THe Girl started it X____x And NO I did not record. Way too shocked for me to record....
There was a question "What do you like to listen to when you relax?"
Mar's answer: ...Masturbation.
and then the rest of the bands kinda...leaned towards the AWKWARD and Pervertedness X_X
Question: What did you do on the plane for 12 hours?
Answer from ..The Underneath (?): Masturbation
I don't quite remember what DaizyStripper said, but MarBell said that Mar, Tsunori and the drummer were sleeping, while Azusa (Bassist girl) was holding back from throwing up o-o;;; POOR her D:
It was one heck of an interesting panel... Youtube Otakon 2008 DaizyStripper, marbell, the Underneath if you want to see more. I don't know if anyone has uploaded them yet, but yea.. it's interesting...and funny.
So after the panel I concluded that Yugiri was staring at me for a long while, and Hey,I got an autograph ticket =o So I'm guaranteed their autographs. DUN DUN DUN BUT GUESS WHAT? I Don't have anything for them to sign o_o; And Katrina ditched me at this point for her Lolita Tea Party -_-; So I ran downstairs to the Dealers Room to get my bag of materials and fabric, and pulled out an emergency piece of fabric from my costume for them to sign xDDDD (Hey at least they'll remember me somewhat)
So I stayed in line...by myself ;_;... AND i forgot to bring my camera up with me...and I was too scared to even take pictures........ So. I went in..with my awesome piece of fabric, and because I only had 20 dollars on me, I couldn't buy a CD. WONDERFUL eh? So... It was either the Underneath T-Shirt, or MarBell T-shirt..or DaizyStripper TOWEL XDD ...I got the towel -_-; Hey it's useful for the dorm =_=! But the thing was I wasn't going to let them sign that cuz I was going to use it..and it's 20 dollars..xD Throughout the line, I kept going "Ahha sumimasen x_x! kore ha..chotto hazukashi......" (Sorry, this is a bit embarrassing...) PSH yea they knew where it came from xD They basically answered Oh it's alright~ DaizyStripper was first (yay...; not prepared). Nao was first, Rei second -and he asked me if I was wearing a wig or if it was real hair xD And yes, it was a wig... Somehow I added "demo...shiroi kami ga hoshi desu" (But I wish I had white hair) ..WHY, I Don't know... Convo starter...Then he said my costume was very cute. I just nervous laughed and came up with "Ahh...yea I'm kinda cold;" I don't think when I'm nervous and speaking Japanese as you can see. DUN DUN DUN, next was Mr. Yugiri.... Boy oh boy. I don't remember what he said or asked.. But same thing, I said I was embarrassed by the fabric, sorry, and it came from my costume. Pretty sure he said oh it's okay, it's cute! And then he signed and held onto my hand for a while o_O; ......normal handshake doesn't mean 20 seconds... wait, it wasn't even a handshake, it was hand holding. BOY Was that AWKWARD. I definitely gave the awkward smile. Finally he let go, and then went on to Kazami. Yugiri was signing the next girl after me and she was talking about how she liked their style. Remembering something, he turns to me ..who is at Kazami.. and asked "Ashita no raibu ikimasuka O_O!?" (Are you going to tomorrow's live?) Me: Ah, hai hai ^-^;;; (AWKWARD...Yes...yes ^___^;;; ) .. way to disrupt my non0existing convo with Kazami D:! Ok so after Kazami was Mayu, and he laughed about my fabric. Then onto MarBell's table. First was "Tsunori"gt. (Tsunoda Takanori..who doesn't have a cool stage name). So I handed them the fabric, said same thing about it. He asked me Where is was from. And I kinda gave him a "o-o;;" look and he asked it in English xD (Mainly cuz I wasn't expecting that question xDD). And I said America xD; but added "demo watashi ha chuugoku jin desu" (But I'm Chinese). And he was like "Ohh". Then Onto Marbell and she put the fabric up like a Bandanna o-o; As pretty and nice that she is, she is a HORRIBLE ROLE MODEL. Seriously, no. Don't follow her kids xD. Oh, forgot. At the Panel, someone asked What Japanese phrase do the bands think would be useful for us American's, and what their favorite English phrase was. The Underneath said "uisu -hand motion-" Because whenever you don't know what the other person is saying, you can always just say "Uisu!" It's basically.."Hai" xD. And then their English phrase..I forget........ NOW onto MAR. She taught us to say "Please give me a raise" XDDD (As in MONEY....) And then her favorite english phrase: "I'm a bitch ;D!" Yea... I don't remember DaizyStripper's answers X-x;
Ok so back to Autographs. After MarBell was the Underneath. I didn't say much I don't think X-x;;; BUT I do remember SOMEONE said that there's no need to worry about my costume..because it was very cute. And I just kept nervous laughing; @_@;;; Wow I really can't remember who =_=; But it was someone near the end... Not Taka..and Not ..other guy with nice hair..Maybe Ryo...? Maga-something-? -shrugs- I know I got a couple of times on that section xD;

Ok so done the signing, went to hunt down katrina =_=; UGH..I hate carrying loads of bags.. The Dealers Room closed at 6, and Katrina was not picking up her phone -_-; So i had to carry bags X________x; alllllll over the con!! Ugh ugh...i so weak =_=. ok so anyhow. A day of Allen Walker, finally done. That was the main highlight of Saturday basically.

...I'm separating Sunday..this post seems a tad bit too long xDDD NEXT POST in the next entry xD;

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[User Picture]From: schwarze_stiegx
2008-08-12 02:40 am (UTC)
awww glad to know ;D~
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