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procrastinating..while freaking out [Jul. 1st, 2008|05:21 pm]
Dude dude....... Otakon...in a MONTH. A MONTH O_O; Thank god I'm reviving my Chi cosplay, but OMG.
Problem: So once I went to London, I stopped wearing contacts, because it was really windy and it's ALWAYS painful when I have my contacts in (They're the hard ones. I'm really blind).
So in order to get soft contacts, I have to not wear my hard contacts for at least a week.Well, I'm home, and it's been..2 weeks. SOOOO My dad makes my appoint, but what date is it on? JULY FREAKIN 22nd O_O! And prescriptions normally come in a week- 2 weeks after that... HM..that means I'd be getting contacts around... August 7th? 8th?
....OTAKON = AUGUST 7th and 8th YO! And even if i get my contacts, I'd be wearing my HARD CONTACTS for the convention, which means after that is another 1-2 weeks of NOT wearing contacts >>!!!! (The eyeball shape is different if you wear hard/soft)
I hate being close to blind =_=

Problem 2: I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE and go on a cosplay hunt.
costumes i'm planning to do: Chi, and Allen Walker Crown Clown ver.
1. Sports bandages, and i need to figure out how to be comfortable and make it
stay...-has back up somewhat...- Anyone else have any ideas to flatten boobage xD? (Even though Allen has the oh-so-typical underarmor thing, I refuse to wear it..again..for the 3rd cosplay in a row....So that's why I'm back tracking it up to...episode 65ish.)

2. ...claws...Allen's claws.................... DAMMIT =_=!!! what to make it out of
X_X? I was going to go for paper mache ._.; HELP x_x! -frustration- And stupid thing has...ring all over it. At first I was going to make the claws detachable, but then I thought i should keep it connected to the glove, and then make the Glove detachable because theres the... Crown wrist band thing that connects it to the black sleeve. Oh
....the wrist gauntlet... what is that made out of X_X? I was going for...PLEATHER =_=;/ any suggestions?

3. Mask...gotta go buy one and then cut up... BUT The mask has layers/ design on it. NOW WHAT Do i use X________X?! -head desk- If I had more plastic...that might be helpful;

4. The fluffy part..should that be made out of fur or feather o_O;?
For sure, I know that I'm making the Crown Clown part (both arms and fluffy and mask) together, and then the white cloak part detachable too;

5. AUFGABDF THE WIG X_X SO he has spikyish hair now X_X; NOW WHAT!? My wig doesn't do that D: ....well it would..if i go get some pomade and nasty stuff >> but it doesn't have enough hair/ will show the cap o___o NOW WHAT NOW WHAT @_@?!?!?!?!

-mutter mutter..mutter..-

i'll write a london/paris report......soon X__________x; -head desk-

*~*~*~ EDIT *~*~*~
;D I made one claw, well the backbone of it. Now just need to figure out how to make it smooth....;

From: mugenjouproject
2008-07-02 08:55 am (UTC)
damn i know that i problem, i got -7 for both eyes, without glasses or contacts its all and all blurrrr.

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