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done with highschool..forever [May. 18th, 2008|05:06 pm]
I AM SO DONE. I'm done O_O! I'm done xO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last week of senior year was oh so very stressful...
I had AP testing on monday, then papers due and projects due. After i got those out of the way, i had to write letters to other seniors (Not every one..) but just like..a memento of the past 4 years etc. THAT took freaking forever, and my hands hurt like crap...

well I finished those, and on friday, we had our senior farewell liturgy which i was falling asleep to as always. (We were standing up to sing, and i was swaying back and forth xD); FINALLY, the seniors, we, watashitachi, ran down to the pool deck...and JUMPED IN with our gym tunics and all on~~~ Twas so fun!!!! Pool was warm thank goodness, and praise the class who donated the heaters =_=. I'd always get sick a day after my swim class.

For the past two days, i havent been waking up till around noon xD.

I started brainstorming what i wanted to cos for otakon! I decided to revive my Chii cosplay cuz it'd be such a waste..and Because i screwed up the bangs the first time, i'm adding Underwear to my head to disguise them xD. I'm also thinking about updating Allen Walker...apparently he has both hands now and ...lots of white feathers aruond him xDD

ok..im back to watching d.gray man. I need to catch up my ...'no-life' life xD